Red Temática (Topical Network)

The activities of the Relativity and Gravitation Topical Network (RGTN) began in the year 2003 as an initiative supported by about 90 researchers from the field of General Relativity and Gravitation. Funds for this network have been provided by the Spanish public system of R+D through the so-called Acciones Complementarias. Since its inception the RGTN has focused its activities on reinforcing the fields of Relativity and Gravitation. It should be noted that the creation of the RGTN was closely linked to the establishment of SEGRE itself, which strongly supports the Network's activities.

The scope of activities that the RGTN has so far considered is quite broad, and can be summarized in three main areas:

  • Collective activities of the Network (Scientific meetings, workshops, and schools).
  • Exchange and mobility activities.
  • Activities to foster and improve communication among researchers and groups.

Further information can be otained in the original web site of the RGTN (in Spanish). This page, however discontinued since 2006, contains plenty of information regarding the justification and objectives of the Network.

The activities accomplished are described in the Final Reports. Summaries of two such reports corresponding to the activities financed since the 2009 Call are given in the following links (in Spanish):

  • FIS2009
  • FIS2010